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A group of Young Democratic leaders wrote a letter to the Kentucky Democratic Party calling on the Kentucky Democratic Party to ensure fairness and transparency in the election of its executive committee. Specifically, the letter calls for the end of a “governor’s list” of candidates for the committee and the equal treatment of all candidates for the committee.

The letter arrives two days before the KDP national congress, at which the four-year “reorganization process” will culminate with the election of the members of the central executive committee of the country, the leading body of the party.

The Young Democratic movement has grown both numerically and actively across the state in recent years. It seems that they are ready to make their voices heard within the party as well.

Here is the letter as received from numerous media outlets across the country.

An open letter to the Democratic Party delegates in Kentucky

Every four years the Kentucky Democratic Party has its reorganization in which it elects people to district, county, and national leadership. This year’s “reorganization” will culminate this Saturday when we elect members of the State Central Executive Committee, a sort of “board” of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

It’s a long process that was expanded during the McGovern-Fraser Commission. The main goals of the changes in the 1960s were to prevent party leaders from hand-selecting delegates and to promote the representation of women and young people. These adjustments affected all states, including Kentucky.

A notable reorg practice in Kentucky occurs particularly when a Democrat holds the office of governor. It is traditional for them to compile a “list” or list of supported candidates for positions on the Central Executive Committee of the State (SCEC). We believe the time has come to reevaluate this practice. An endorsed slate of the highest incumbent seems to contradict the inclusive spirit of the 1960s adjustments.

The SCEC members also have fiduciary responsibility for the Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP). It is of the utmost importance that representatives are willing to remain critical and to thoroughly examine the finances of the PDK. The governor has a unique relationship with the KDP and has the potential to benefit from friendly representation in the SCEC. This creates serious concerns about the appearance of a board of directors for those new and unfamiliar with the process.

We hope and have the impression that the list compiled by Governor Andy Beshear for the 2021 reorganization includes people of different ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds and levels of experience. While these efforts are valued, we remain skeptical as to whether a governor’s slate will ultimately serve the reorganization process, even if there are some excellent candidates we will all support. We are also aware that there have been concerns about the readily available contact details of delegates from the PDP for candidates who are not on the governor’s list. Should these claims prove true, the KDP has given some a significant advantage.

We stand for the fact that the reorganization is a process in order to bring in new voices, new ideas, new energy and new managers at all levels. The urgency is all the more urgent when we realize that in five years we have grown from 47 to 25 representatives of the Democratic state of Kentucky. We are ready for Democrats to be brave, united and effective. We know our Commonwealth deserves nothing less. This work begins with a fair electoral process for our representatives of the Central Executive of the State. Our party needs accountability and change.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, cannot support a top-down list that is contrary to the nature of a grassroots movement and believe that this practice should be stopped to ensure that all voices at the highest levels belong to the Democratic Party leadership become.

Logan Gatti
Vice Chairman, Louisville Democratic Party

Mera Kathryn Corlett
President, Louisville Young Democrats

Stephon Moore
President, Kentucky Young Democrats

Eryn Prichett
National Committee Woman, Kentucky Young Democrats

Seth Woods
National Committeeman, Kentucky Young Democrats

Drew Williams
President, Western Kentucky Young Democrats

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