Wiz Khalifa’s new look shocked fans

As reported by The Shade Room, Wiz Khalifa shared footage of his new look via Instagram Stories on Wednesday June 2nd. The clip shows Khalifa sitting while doing his make-up, which consists of a pointed beard. Another photo also shows him wearing a ‘Fro wig, along with a red leather shit, a white hat and aviator glasses.

And as expected, Khalifa fans wasted no time poking fun at his fake beard. “He looks like Abraham Lincoln,” wrote a fan under The Shade Room’s post. “He actually looks like a completely different person,” emphasized someone. Another fan even suggested that Khalifa might be planning his big escape. “All he needs is a new passport. Mission complete.”

Judging by his recent Instagram posts, the look was temporary, so it’s fair to assume it was a new music video or movie. Whatever it is, we’ll watch it!

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