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If you visit this site regularly, you have undoubtedly noticed some changes. And you may have wondered, what’s wrong with Forward Kentucky?

The simplest answer is: we are realigning our work.

For nearly six years we’ve worked to become the go-to place for Kentucky politics. We focused on delivering what the tagline says: Objective news, effective guidelines, and progressive commentary. All of this is said to be “the progressive voice of Kentucky politics.”

Over the years we have slowly increased our financial base, but never big enough to hire staff – such as our own reporter in Frankfurt. And it became apparent that the content that most of our readers appreciated was the “voice” part rather than the “news” and “politics” parts. So we focus on giving that voice and standing for progressive values ​​across the country.

A dramatic change is that we no longer try to build a financial basis through memberships. Instead, we’ve added a donate button for anyone who wants to support the site.

And we dropped the paywall and memberships. So everything on the website can be read and shared by everyone.

Yes, there are some major changes. At some point, we can add back some of the resources we have provided, such as: B. the Activist Guide. But right now our focus is on good comments.

And you are one of them! If you have something to say and would like us to post it, please send it to [email protected]. You don’t get paid, and it may not even get published. But we’re looking for progressive content, and we’re open to writers, photographers, cartoonists, and all kinds of content.

If you have any feedback on these changes, please leave a comment below. Or, if you want it private, send it to me direct.

And whatever you do, read and share. Kentucky still needs a progressive voice, and we will continue to be that voice.

Bruce Maples


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