What’s up with the “C” on the Cincinnati Convention Center sign?

The “C” in the Cincinnati sign on the west side of the Duke Energy Convention Center has not worked since August.

Instead of a solid color, the C – made of illuminated metal plates – flashes.

And it turns out it’s not an easy fix, Cincinnati officials told The Enquirer.

A city statement said: “The city government and management team at the Duke Energy Convention Center are aware of the problem with the ‘Cincinnati’ sign in the convention center. It first appeared in late August and the manufacturer was making the necessary repairs correcting the problem at this point, however, the problem reappeared shortly thereafter. The parties are actively working to develop a permanent solution. “

The sign is made up of 82 lighted metal panels placed at angles on the west facade of the Duke Energy Convention Center that spell out CiNCiNNATi in 50 foot high letters.

It’s a key part of the city’s skyline from the west side and can be seen from Interstate 75.

The sign can change its color with the push of a button and is used to mark major events and to honor people and events.

For example, for a Thursday night Cincinnati Bengals game that was televised nationwide in 2016, the sign was lit in a sequence of orange and white stripes.

In honor of fallen Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim, it was blue for a while in 2015, and it was rainbow-colored for a week after filming at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

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