What’s the reason Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz didn’t appear in Amazon MGM Deal – The UBJ?

Why Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz are not part of the MGM Bargain from Amazon. Today it was officially announced that Amazon had purchased MGM and its Movies and TV Show Index for a staggering $ 8.45 billion.

Anyway, with the new deal, part of the infamous James Bond establishment currently has a place on Amazon (however, EON has effectively confirmed that the intention to deliver No Time to Die dramatically will continue despite the Amazon bargain). Amazon also claims a piece of the Rocky establishment that has been making headway with the Creed films lately. Gravesite Raider, Stargate, Robocop, Basic Instinct, Silence of the Lambs, The Pink Panther and much more now also have a place on Amazon as a feature of the arrangement. On television, Amazon receives Vikings, Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale, among others. Not only can Jeff Bezos’ organization load their Amazon Prime support with MGM’s listing titles, but they can also consider developing new works from the IP they received.

In any event, few of any odd exemplary film that bears the popular MGM logo for thundering lions become owned by Amazon. In fact, a significant number of the studio’s best-known films, including Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz and Singin ‘in the Rain, are excluded from the new regime, as those titles were in fact long ago are had a place at MGM. WarnerMedia actually owns these MGM titles and more, having bought them years earlier Ted Turner, who himself won the MGM index in a number of agreements. IndieWire confirms that WarnerMedia actually owns the rights to its MGM films.

Apparently, Ted Turner began buying every exemplary film he could get his hands on. Going back to the ’80s, using the acquisitions to ship out his Turner Classic Movies organization, some of the films are currently spilling onto HBO Max. The way that Amazon undoubtedly has no control over films like Gone With The Wind and The Wizard of Oz seems like a minor side note, given that the announced 4,000 theatrical movies and 17,000 television shows now have a place in the organization because of the $ 8.45 billion deal.

The uplifting news for enthusiasts of MGM’s exemplary films like “Gone With the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz” is that they don’t have to worry about Amazon to replay or start over. No, Amazon isn’t going to do a Singing ‘in the Rain inheritance spin-off or an expanded universe of Wizard of Oz (in fact, Wizard of Oz has effectively gotten odd spin-offs enough in the long run). Also, there won’t be an Amazon-supplied prequel arrangement depicting the beginning of the O’Haras when the family originally settled in the Tara mansion. That James Bond / Andy Hardy hybrid is now off the table too.

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