What big music venues are doing to reopen in southwest Ohio

“It just comes down to when the government is okay with thousands of strangers in one place,” she said. “I applaud Governor (Mike) DeWine for setting up subcommittees to work on like he did in the restaurants. They are now open again. People really crave entertainment right now, so our position is, “Hurry up and wait.”

Unlike a summer eatery like Riverbend, this is the Indoor Heritage Bank Center’s off-season. Ropp had to take leave of many employees. There’s a Skeleton Operations crew keeping an eye on the building, though the department heads are still working on their budgets for the fiscal year.

“We’re busy rerouting,” she said. “When a tour changes, everyone changes. It’s a domino effect. We’re also even more active on social media to remind people that we’re still relevant and up-to-date. Musicians try very hard to get out of there too. “

Rosemarie Moehring, director of marketing and public relations for music and event management who promotes shows at Riverbend, the PNC Pavilion, Taft Theater and Rose Music Center, said officials there were monitoring the situation.

Ropp said the biggest challenge with the reopening is managing social distancing. Several ideas were entertained and rejected.

“We came up with the idea of ​​calling a limited number of people through certain gates at certain times …” she said. “We’re talking about limited capacity and the distribution of people, but some people could still rush forward.

“We talked about limiting the number of people in the bathrooms, but that’s hard to do. What does food look like? The other problem is how this virus evolves. I can’t keep up with all of the recommendations in a 24 hour message cycle, such as: B. “What should I do today?” Unfortunately we are not there yet. “

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