Votes are still pending in Northern Kentucky: Bromley Council is a close race!

Correction: Corrected the Bromley vote totals and candidates they were assigned to.

Election day has come and gone, but there are more votes in northern Kentucky.

Ballot papers can be received by November 6th.

While most races are unlikely to change hands, there are some that are close enough to see a change.

Take the Bromley City Council race, for example:

The small town of Kenton County will elect six people to its council, and there are seven candidates. Right now there are only twenty-four votes separating the top voter from the seventh-place candidate, and more importantly, only one vote separates the seventh-place candidate from two votes that are equated for fifth and sixth place .

Reigning Micheal Kendall currently tops the count at 174 while reigning Timothy Wartman is second at 166. The reigning Nancy Kienker feels relatively comfortable with 162 in third place. The next four candidates, however, are separated by a wafer-thin margin: incumbent and former Mayor David Radford has 152, while incumbent Gail Smith and challenger Reagan France are on par with 151 votes apiece, and incumbent Diane Wartman with 150 votes on seventh Place lies.

We don’t know if there are any more Bromley voices, but we will soon.

A second round of voting results is expected to be reported on Friday at 5 p.m. The final censuses will be released on Tuesday, November 10th.

The full results of the city and school authorities’ races and the legislative races can be found here.

On the legislative side, no local seats switched hands with the partisans, although some races may have been closer than expected.

State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Ryland Heights) resisted a challenge from first-time candidate, Democrat Ryan Olexia, and won about 58 to 42 percent.

Rep. Rachel Roberts (D-Newport), who is heading for her first full two-year term after winning a special election to replace Dennis Keene, who joined the Beshear administration last year, leads her Republican challenger, the Southgate Councilor LeAnna Homandberg by about a thousand votes. Roberts declared victory, but Homandberg has yet to post a public comment.

In the federal races, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican majority leader, was brought back to Washington by defeating Amy McGrath, a northern Kentucky-born Democrat, despite McGrath raising $ 90 million to take on one of the most powerful officials in the country.

McGrath made many trips to northern Kentucky in her disgruntled search, but all of the local counties mostly chose McConnell.

Republican Thomas Massie also easily won re-election to Congress in Kentucky’s fourth district, 67 to 33 percent above Democrat Alexandra Owensby.

-Michael Monks, Editor & Publisher

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