Video footage of several monkeys loose in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio’s serious monkey business is going under and it’s crazier than you think.

Wednesday night a young couple in Price Hill, a small neighborhood in Cincinnati, saw something that “rocked” them. There is no doubt that no one would have believed her story if she hadn’t captured a video of the strange moment. Sammy Trinh spotted at least 5 monkeys playing across the street from her house, according to

Trinh said that the video shows three monkeys in a tree, but that there are two more on the ground that are not shown in the video.

The video quality from smartphones is not that good in the dark. But it’s still crazy to see this grainy video of monkeys playing in a tree in their neighborhood. Check out the video below.

You are about to find out why I said this story was crazier than you think. The Cincinnati Zoo says they don’t lack monkeys. Local law enforcement agencies have been looking since Wednesday evening. The police haven’t found a monkey yet. However, several sightings have been reported in the Price Hill neighborhood.

If you spot these monkeys, or if you have any information about this monkey barrel, they are encouraged to contact the Cincinnati Police Department.

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