Upshift App Revolutionizes Flexible Jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio – Press Release

Upshift is a company well suited to the needs of workers and employers in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the changes in Cincinnati, especially in 2021, Upshift is offering the opportunity to find the flexible work, whether full-time or part-time, that residents so desperately need.

It is usually very stressful and time consuming for anyone who wants to stand on the side to find a suitable job. It is equally difficult for any employer to find the right talent or the right employee with the right qualifications to fill the job. That’s why employers can use Upshift to find employees with specific talents through their official smartphone app and a platform that eliminates wasted time, energy and frustration for both employees and employers.

Upshift has an artificial intelligence-based application that tracks the booking of flexible part-time or full-time jobs quickly and effectively, and allows employees to be quickly recruited within their area of ​​expertise, especially in the hospitality industry of all kinds Routinely taking place, more people than ever want flexible jobs and more employers than ever want flexible workers.

Employers are frustrated with other applications that make them “weed” with dozens of offers that are not targeted enough, while employees are not informed about events and jobs in a timely manner. Upshift solved all of this by reviewing employees and making lightning-fast updates to the flexible jobs available.

Upshift promises to connect employers with workers who match their qualifications and knows very well that anyone who searches for the term “part-time jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio” is bombarded with tons of results, most of which are not for their specifics Suitable requirements are talents or schedules. It is the company’s job to save both the lost employees and the employers and to connect them together in the optimal time.

In addition, Upshift offers the ability to get hourly jobs with weekly salaries and check the status of a job for employees in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio in minutes. There are a variety of industries such as hotels or hospitality, including positions such as waiters, dishwashers, catering and events, with positions such as housekeeping and kitchen staff, with many more. With the changes in the Cincinnati labor market, jobs open and close unexpectedly, or the schedule changes frequently.

The company selects its employees very carefully and has a matchup success rate of over 94%. Financial and academic positions are excluded as these generally require a different style of work.

Prospective employees must pass a personality assessment, one-on-one interview, or orientation session to be accepted in order to reduce the frustrations employers face with recruitment agencies and other online job opportunities. Thereafter, employees are assessed and checked after each appearance, and they are required to adhere to a strict disciplinary policy with a three-strike concept that bans them from the website forever after three strikes.

The upshift was badly needed in Cincinnati, OH and is welcomed by both workers and employers.

About upshifting Cincinnati

Upshifting is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms for employers looking to hire hourly workers and individuals looking for a job through their platform. The flexibility and convenience of the apps have made them one of the most popular apps used by college students, full-time workers, or unemployed talent looking for the right full-time, part-time jobs and flex gigs.

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