UIS students will compete in Physics – Science

Later this week IPT World Physics Championships One of the most sought-after international competitions for undergraduate students in this major.

Colombia, represented by six students from the Industrial University of Santander (UIS), will participate.

They are: Laura Martinez, Lucia Olivierus, Christian Hernandez Seeley, Juan Manuel Pacheco, Stephen Rico and Rolando Carvajal.

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This year, due to the epidemic, the competition will be virtual and will include students from universities in China, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the United States.

“The competition will focus on 17 very complex problems that were proposed last August. They are challenges that have no single solution, and teams compete for the most complete, comprehensive, and detailed solution. They must contain experimental, theoretical and simulation solutions, ”explains Luis Nunez, professor at the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and group coordinator at this university.

In 2019, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics also took part in the competition in Lausanne, where it qualified for the semi-finals.

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“As far as our physical jobs are concerned, it is a very enriching experience to be able to introduce our students to what their careers as researchers will be like. You face nearly twenty complex challenges with no single solution. These are not problems at the end of the semester, but real physical situations with questions without full answers. “.

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