Trump wanted to “kick Massie out of the Republican Party!” But the libertarian congressman just won his primary anyway –

The libertarian-oriented MP Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) Has put down his opponent in the Republican primary for the seat in northern Kentucky, which he has represented since 2012. It was one of two notable victories for GOP lead candidates against more outspoken Trump-oriented challengers.

By early evening, Massie had received 88 percent of the unofficial vote against Todd McMurtry, an attorney who represented Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann in his lawsuit against the media. The official results will not be released until June 30th, when election officials have had enough time to count the postal ballots.

Massie’s libertarian stance and willingness to defy Republican leadership have earned him explicit rebukes from President Donald Trump in recent months, which McMurtry did best to capitalize on.

Big win for # KY04 Rep. Thomas Massie (R) after the president called for him to be “kicked out of the Republican Party” back in March.

Massie beat attorney Todd McMurtry (R) 88% to 12% after several House Rs disapproved of McMurtry over unearthed racist tweets.

– Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) June 24, 2020

In March, when Massie held up the passage of the $ 2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Aid, and Economic Security (CARES) bill and insisted that the expensive legislation get a roll-call vote, Trump called him one on Twitter “Disaster for America” ​​and called for her to be expelled from the Republican Party.

Massie, in turn, did much of McMurtry’s own social media activity. The lawyer had made several critical comments. He also tweeted approvingly a blog post primer on the right, calling for resistance to the “demonization of whites”.

At this post, several members of the Republican House withdrew their approval of McMurtry and paved the way for Massie’s victory.

Former Navy fighter pilot Amy McGrath also leads Kentucky’s Senate Democratic primary against progressive challenger Charles Booker. Assuming she holds her lead, once all the mail-in ballots are counted, she’ll run into incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), who also won his primary tonight.

Trump’s endorsement of businesswoman Lynda Bennett also couldn’t prevent her formidable loss to 24-year-old real estate investor and motivational speaker Madison Cawthorn at Republican Elementary School for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.

That seat was vacated earlier this year when former MP Mark Meadows (R-NC), former head of the House Freedom Caucus, stepped down to take over the position of Trump’s chief of staff. Despite the support of Trump, Meadows, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Bennett received 35 percent of the vote in the runoff election in two people.

According to Charlotte Observer, Meadows’ apparent manipulation of the process to make Bennett his hand-picked successor angered the local Republicans. Cawthorn reformulated Bennett’s many high profile endorsements to prove that Bennett would be indebted to the Washington elites.

Provided he beats Democratic candidate Moe Davis in November, Cawthorn will become the youngest member of Congress.

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