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Take a look over the horizon with us at the latest research on the environment and health. has partnered with the Science Communication Network to bring new knowledge, science, and perspectives from emerging scientists across the country.

Be proactive; get smart. Before anyone else, learn from leading experts on these topics what is affecting your health and our planet.

About this science series

Each year, up to 10 outstanding researchers in the fields of green chemistry / engineering and environmental health sciences are selected as Science Fellows. You bring a wide range of experience and a deep understanding of various disciplines, which we capture here in a series of articles, interviews and videos.

Take a tour of the latest articles and videos from our series on our website. Well worth your time ….

Meet the Science Fellows

Raquel Chamorro-Garcia, PhD. University of California, Santa Cruz

Michael Wentzel, PhD. University of Augsburg

Meghan Rebuli, PhD. UNC Chapel Hill

Fenna Sillé, PhD. John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Peter Byrley, PhD. US EPA

Miranda Spratlen, PhD. Columbia University

Tom Bruton, PhD. Green Science Policy Institute

Genoa Warner, PhD. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reuben Hudson, PhD. College of the Atlantic

David Belair, PhD. Celgene

Jessie P. Buckley, PhD. John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Christian Schäfer, PhD. University of Massachusetts Boston

Ashley Malin, PhD. Icahn School of Medicine on Mount Sinai

Natalie O’Neil, PhD. Beyond benign training in green chemistry

The camaraderie

Applications for the Science Communication Fellowship 2021-2022 are now possible!

The Science Communication Fellowship is a nine-month program for PhD students who want to maximize the impact of their work for the benefit of public health and the environment, and who want to share their passion for science. The fellows are selected from the fields of green chemistry / engineering and environmental health sciences and work in academia and government.

The emphasis of the program is on the skills necessary to safely and effectively engage with the range of nonscientists Fellows will encounter in their careers as they share rapidly evolving research on environmental health and green chemistry.

Find out more about the program here.

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