Top 12: From symbolic oranges in The Godfather to a creepy message in Toy Story, the best Easter Eggs movie

12. Oranges in the godfather trilogy

About as well known as Alfred Hitchcock who appears subtly in all of his own films, Eraps made the connection between oranges and impending death well established in The Godfather films. Keep an eye out for them in nearby fruit bowls, on billboards, in drinks … When and orange is on the screen, someone is about to die.

11. The exorcist screaming

Director Wes Craven was one of the masters of horror when he made the first Scream movie It was only right that he invited some of the kings of the genre to take part. When a group of reporters show up outside Neve Campbell High School after a series of gruesome murders, one of them is played by Linda Blair, aka Regan, the little girl she is obsessed with The exorcist.

10. Psycho in Halloween H20

Stay with scream queens Halloween H20 was not just a kind of restart, a kind of continuation of the legendary Michael Myers slasher series, but also one Scream-esque awe of the horror genre. In one scene, Jamie Lee Curtis gets a shock when she accidentally runs into another teacher at the school who tells her that on Halloween “everyone is entitled to a good scare” – a call back to the line given by the local cop in delivered the 1978 original. However, this teacher is played by Janet Leigh, also known as Marion Crane Psychowho is also Jamie Lee Curtis’ real mother. When she gets in her car and drives away, you hear the infamous Psycho Music is playing on your car radio.

9. X in The Departed

Similar to the oranges in The Godfather, if you ever spot an X in The departed, then someone is about to die. From the designs on the carpet outside Matt Damon’s apartment to a marker on the wall in the elevator that Matt and Leonardo DiCaprio are taking off the roof, them can be difficult to spot, but they’re there.

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Colin, played by Matt Damon and Billy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

Colin, played by Matt Damon and Billy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

8th. Lone Pine Mall in Back to the Future

The main rule of time travel in Back to the Future is simple: if you change something in the past, it will affect the future. At the beginning of the film, Marty McFly’s local mall is called Twin Pines Mall. However, after he first traveled into the past and removed one of the trees by careless driving, his return to the “present” shows that the house is now called Lone Pine Mall. Subtle but very clever.

7th Star Wars in Raiders of the Lost Ark

George Lucas created Star Wars and created Indiana Jones with Steven Spielberg Hunter of the lost treasure arrived four years later A new hopethe film was ready for Easter. During one of the scenes in which Harrison Ford – the star of both franchises – raids graves, the walls around him are covered in ancient hieroglyphics. Among them are pictures of R2-D2, C-3PO and Princess Leia. Well, they said that Star Wars was discontinued “a long time ago …”.

6th ET in Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Since Spielberg and Lucas were such good friends, the references between them didn’t just end in hieroglyphics. in the The phantom menace One of the scenes is about the intergalactic Senate, where life forms from across the universe come together to talk about space politics. One of the many, many aliens that can be spotted in the Senate is the race we were first introduced as AND.

5. The Wizard of Oz in Twister

There is an entire scene that offers features The glow Play in the background in the 1996 action adventure Twister, that nods towards The Wizard of Oz – which probably contains the most famous tornado in cinema – are much more subtle. During the opening scene, we see a family taking cover in a storm shelter. The last one to come in is her little dog, who looks practically identical to Toto. Later in the film, just before the storm hits Aunt Meg’s house, we see her watching a film directed by Judy Garland (aka Dorothy).

4th Tangled up in frozen

Disney loves to give crossover nods in its films. Did you see Scar being used as a rug? Hercules? Or the magic carpet Aladdin appear in Beauty and the Beast? Our favorite is when the lock kicks in Frozen are opened for the first time in the run-up to Elsa’s coronation, and the guests make their way into the house. Some of the very first guests are Rapunzel and Eugene out Tangled. By the way, one of the best-known examples of Easter eggs is that there is a “hidden Mickey” – a silhouette of Mickey Mouse – in most animated Disney films as well as in the rides in the theme parks.

3. Pulp Fiction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

To a younger generation of movie buffs, Samuel L Jackson is probably best known as Nick Fury, the ring leader of Marvel’s Avengers. To an older generation, he is probably better known as Jules in Quentin Tarantinos pulp FictionThe climax is his powerful, menacing reading of Ezekiel 25:17. When anger is “killed” in The winter soldierand he comes to visit his own grave, guess what Bible quote is engraved on his grave stone? “The way of the righteous …”

2. The glow in Toy Story

The number 237 appears throughout the first three Toy Story films – a nod to the haunted room at The Overlook Hotel, which sends Jack Nicholson’s character further over the edge. The most obvious clue is the very first Toy story Movie in which the carpet in the bad neighbor Sid’s house is identical to the carpet in every hallway The glow.

1. Actual eggs on the Rocky Horror Picture Show

There is some debate as to whether the term Easter egg actually originated here, but true or not, we love this story. During the production of the 1975 cult classic, the cast and crew took part in a giant Easter egg hunt, and to put it simply, not all Easter eggs were found. Viewers can now see three Easter eggs in the film: one under Frank’s throne, one in place of a light in the main room, and one when the group goes up in the elevator to the laboratory.

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