Top 10 Oldest Emmy Winners for Best Comedy Guest Actor

1980, Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels resigned after five years and was unexpectedly replaced by Jean Doumanianwho was faced with the task of hiring an entirely new line-up when the original players quit in protest. Of the 10 actors she has hired, she is 19 years old Eddie Murphy He was the most popular, and he stayed on the show for over three years, even after most of his peers were sacked by Doumanian’s replacements. Dick Ebersol. In 1983 Murphy followed in the footsteps of Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and Chevy Chase by an Emmy nomination for his work on the sketch series.

Murphy left his television appearance to focus on his burgeoning film career and didn’t return for a cameo until 35 years later. At 58, he hosted an episode of the show’s 45th season that brought back several of his beloved characters, including Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson, and Gumby. Last year, he was named Emmy Best Comedy Guest Actor for his performance, making him the tenth oldest champion in the category.

Since 1966, a total of 29 actors have won Emmys for their guest roles in ongoing comedy programs, beginning with Don Knotts (“The Andy Griffith Show”). Including Knotts, six of the winners triumphed more than once. The honor has been awarded annually since 1993 and has been awarded sporadically up to then.

Check out our photo gallery to find out who is on the list of 10 Oldest Emmy Winners for Best Comedy Guest Actor Before Murphy. This list also includes the winners of the variety performance awards that have since been eliminated, as the guests of the ongoing variety series now compete against each other.

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