Time to shut up and play ball – Chico Enterprise Record

At that time I was a big fan of the Giants. I’ve attended many, many dozen games, learned how to hold points, knew each player’s name and most of their averages. Bet I’ve collected a dozen major league baseballs that I caught as foul balls or during punch training. After the games, I took seat cushions to get a free ticket for a future game in the stands. When visiting my grandparents in Kentucky during the summer, my grandfather and I stayed up until 2 a.m. listening to his transistor radio when the Reds, his favorite team, played the Giants at home. (The Hall of Fame should vote on Pete Rose.)

Still today, I watch old YouTube videos showing a perfect throw from the outfield to mark a runner on the home plate, or a well-executed trick with hidden balls, or, coolest, triple play with no support. Aside from the videos, I’ve lost almost all of my interest in baseball except for watching the World Series, and that’s just because it’s part of the American experience.

What about the relocation of the all-star game as sop to the thugs of the demolition culture or with players kneeling in forced protest, or other political gestures on the field, such as wearing a shoulder patch, around a hero or heroine of the mighty to celebrate? MLB® Inc., self-righteous warriors of social justice, stole a joy in my life.

How about this Major League Baseball: just shut up and “Play Ball!”

– EJ Donmoyer, paradise

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