Three videos to help understand how the LSU’s proliferation crime uses LSU’s staff, movements and routes

LSU fans got a glimpse into the proliferation crime the Tigers will carry out during the spring game on Saturday under offensive coordinator Jake Peetz in the first year. While the game calls were conservative and, as head coach Ed Orgeron said, “vanilla,” there was still enough to discern similarities with the proliferation crime committed by the Tigers in 2019.

Orgeron made it clear when hiring Peetz and passing game coordinator DJ Mangas in January that he wanted to restore the offense that helped produce the program’s fourth national championship, as well as a Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Joe Burrow. Peetz and Mangas were both previously NFL assistant coaches at the Carolina Panthers, where former LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady completed his first year as a full-time offensive coordinator.

The lawyer | Times-Picayune recently watched, recorded, and categorized all of the Panthers’ 957 games last season for a fuller understanding of how the Tigers Offensive will work for the season ahead.

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Below you will find three videos on the most important insights from deep immersion in film studies. The Panthers demonstrated how Brady’s spread system can be flexible in its staffing groups, achieve variety and better matches of movements and displacements before snapping, and create open passing lanes with a creative combination of west coast routes.

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