Three GNPS teams compete in the regional middle school Science Olympiad

A team from South Middle won the Nassau County Regional Middle School Science Olympiad and will advance to the state competition.

Three teams from the Science Olympiad of the Great Neck Public Schools took part in the regional Science Olympiad of the Nassau district, which was held virtually on March 6th. A total of 39 GNPS students attended the event, with one team representing the North Middle School and two teams representing the South Middle School.

The competition consisted of 15 different challenges that required knowledge and skills in engineering, technology, cartography, earth sciences, biology, forensics, physics, ornithology, astronomy and environmental sciences. In addition to the team points, medals were given to the best participants for each challenge. An impressive 52 individual medals were awarded to Great Neck participants.

A team from South Middle won first place in the regional competition and qualified for the New York State competition. This team has won medals in all 15 events, with each team member winning at least one medal. The South Middle Team members who will advance to the States are: Irina Chiang, Anant Gupta, Nandini Khaneja, Alice Kim, Madeleine Lennox, Ruiqi Liu, Ashley Nguyen, Chloe Ning, Yilin Qiao, Sarah Sun, Erin Wong, Edison Yuan, Sidney Yeung, Jixuan (Jason) Zhang and Laura Zhang.

The other team from South Middle finished seventh in the competition and won medals in nine events. Medal winners are Bryan Chen, Colin Hu, Holly Krause, Caden Li, Issac Liu, Lily Long, Edric Tsai, Josephine Wong, Julia Xu, and Richard Xu.

The North Middle Science Olympiad team won medals in four competitions, finishing fifteenth overall. North Middle students who have won medals include Todd Eng, Ashley Liu, Katharine Park, Jeremy Shiu, and Emma Wen.

Advisors to the North Middle Science Olympiad team are Donna Plante, Geosciences Teacher, and Zehava Vitberg, Geosciences Teacher / Chair of North Middle Sciences. Advisors to the South Middle Science Olympiad teams are Randy Lane, Technology Teacher, and Tobias Hatten, Earth Science Teacher / Chair of the South Middle Science Department.

The regional and state Science Olympiad competitions are sponsored by the New York State Science Olympiad (NYSSO), a nonprofit that seeks to engage and challenge students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at various team levels. Competitive tournaments across New York State.

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