This is why some Cincinnati buildings glow crimson on Tuesday nights

Arts, culture, and live events were some of the first industries to shut down from the pandemic, and most remain closed or extremely limited, meaning hundreds of thousands of Ohioans are unemployed or underemployed.

Buildings across the city center will glow red on Tuesday evening to encourage economic support for the live events industry. Todd Duesing, vice president of the Cincinnati Arts Association, says they are calling on Congress to pass the RESTART bill. The #RedAlert campaign is a nationwide effort to raise public awareness and encourage people to ask their convention leaders to pass the RESTART law. Buildings in the US and several Canadian cities are lit in red from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

“We hope that the employment parts of it will continue to support our employees,” says Duesing. “Payroll protection and the Payroll and Employment Act are all that is being done to make funding available to workers.”

Nationwide, 62% of art workers state that they are completely unemployed. In Ohio, the arts are a $ 41 billion industry, Duesing points out, and would typically employ nearly 300,000 people. That means hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, from lighting technicians to musicians, actors, directors, customers and employees in front of and behind the house, remain unemployed or underemployed.

While many industries find ways to get people back to work, arts, culture, and live events are falling apart as the community’s boundaries remain limited to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“It could possibly be as early as January when we have opportunities to bring people together safely,” says Duesing. “It could be June before the vaccine was given to more than 60% of the population across our country. So we have some people who are really needed, and we really want to make sure that.” Our employees have support when needed. “

Here is a partial list of participating venues:

  • Aronoff Center for the Arts
  • The Carnegie
  • Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
  • Covedale Center for the Performing Arts
  • Duke Energy Convention Center
  • Ensemble Theater Cincinnati
  • Great American ball park
  • Heritage Bank Center
  • Do you know theater
  • Music hall
  • Northern Kentucky Convention Center
  • Playhouse in the park
  • PNC Pavilion at the Riverbend Music Center
  • Riverbend Music Center
  • Taft theater
  • Warsaw National Inclination Theater
  • Washington Park stage
  • Woodward Theater

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