The Yakima Taco Fest returns on September 2021

It’s going to rain tacos. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Central Washington announced the return of the YAKIMA TACO FEST!

“Save the Date: September 12th, 2021!” rang the Facebook announcement from the Yakima Taco Fest account. “Let’s give them something to fight TACO!”

When this announcement appeared on Facebook, I could almost hear the collective cheers of thousands of Yakimanians on my phone screen.

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“On the calendar!” says a follower named Tracy. I heard that, Tracy!

“Is it on a Sunday?” asked Gina. Yes, Gina, it’s a Sunday!

“I have to spread the word!” says a random madman named Reesha. Wait, this is me! I have to make the YAKIMA TACO FEST known!

If you’ve never attended this event before, basically this is what happens: you buy a ticket, get a wristband and script for a food truck and drink ticket. Then, walk around until you find a taco truck you like and stand in line (could be hours, just say) to buy samples of a delicious variety of tacos. On site there are non-alcoholic drinks and a “garden” with beer, cider and moonlight liqueur for the juicy set. There will be cornhole boards, lively Mexican bands, and lots of dancing so bring your boogie shoes! Leave your Jimmy Choo stilettos and Berluti slippers at home! There will likely be a food truck competition to see which of the party people present will be voted “Best Taco Truck of the Year”.

In the very first year of the Yakima Taco Fest (I think it was 2018) I spoiled myself and bought a VIP ticket. This allowed me to enter the food festival before the general public was allowed in. I’ll tell you what, that was the best I could do for myself because I was free to go to any taco truck I wanted and not have to wait in a long line. VIPs also received a special Yakima Taco Fest drinking glass. After the gates opened to the public, it was like a friendly reunion to see many of my acquaintances from central Washington and to make new ones too.

It was my first time trying shrimp tacos at the Yakima Taco Fest and wow, I loved it! There were so many taco truck vendors and they were all very friendly. That’s one thing I love about Yakima, we have kindness in spades most of the time!

Warning: People will come to the Yakima Taco Fest from Portland and Seattle and bring their love to get through traffic and long lines. (That’s the only part of the food festival I didn’t like the first year.) I took it all because seeing all these people means everyone has tacos and the creative geniuses behind the Yakima Taco Fest of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Central Washington has a very big crowd puller in my hands.

The Yakima Taco Fest event has grown so big that in 2019 they moved from its humble beginnings on tiny historic Front Street to the spacious and gracious Coffin Hubbard Park.

You can find more information about tickets for the Yakima Taco Fest here. This is an event for ages 21 and up.

See you there!

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