The visit to Biden draws attention to the Cincinnati Union Terminal

The Cincinnati Union Terminal rose to prominence on social and national media Monday night when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke in the murals-filled rotunda.

Reuters reporter Joseph Ax described the venue for the former Vice President’s speech as “impressive looking” with a photo of the half-dome rotunda covered with murals.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate, speaks at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Union Terminal in Cincinnati on Monday, October 12, 2020.  (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

The art deco masterpiece was completed in 1933. To some, the Union Terminal facade is known as the Hall of Justice name from the 1970s television cartoon Super Friends. Cartoonists Al Gmuer and Joe Barbera found inspiration in Union Terminal.

Biden’s visit brought a national media spotlight to the Union Terminal, which is now the Cincinnati Museum Center.

“I’m really excited that people are learning how cool Union Terminal in Cincinnati is,” said a Twitter user.

The hall of the Union Terminal for train departures and arrivals was demolished in the 1970s. However, passenger train traffic is not completely stopped.

Amtrak’s Chicago-Washington, DC train The Cardinal still stops at the terminal overnight. Biden talked about trains during his speech and took the train back from Washington to Delaware.

Union Terminal is no stranger to high profile visits.

On February 26, 2008, Democratic candidate Barack Obama, who later won the presidency, visited Union Terminal to speak to seniors about health care and health insurance, according to the museum center’s website.

In 2002, George W. Bush gave a speech in the rotunda to explain his reasons for the war in Iraq.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s train stopped at Union Terminal in 1952.

President Harry S. Truman was stopped at Union Terminal five times.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 10-car train stopped at Union Terminal on October 13, 1936.

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