The University of Cincinnati football season begins without fans

CINCINNATI – Nippert Stadium will be empty for the foreseeable future, said John Cunningham, director of athletics at the University of Cincinnati on Monday.

Cunningham said the season would start without fans at the stadium and the officials will allow fans to return later in the season if they deem it safe to do so. No time frame has been set.

Cunningham said in a note that officials will be monitoring the virus and its impact on the campus community.

“Football is only played when we determine that it is safe to play. Here, too, fans are only allowed into the stands at Nippert Stadium if we find out and trust that we can guarantee the safety of our student athletes, staff, students on campus and the fans themselves, ”said Cunningham.

The stadium is in the middle of the campus, which makes it especially risky to allow fans to attend soccer games, he said.

Click here to read Cunningham’s letter.

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