The University of Cincinnati baseball team is committed to challenging the state of Oregon in the NCAA tournament

CINCINNATI – Nobody thought that the University of Cincinnati would be hosting the NCAA baseball tournament for the first time in 45 years, and when they did, the Bearcats became the ultimate challenge.

Play the defending NCAA champion on his home field on the Pacific coast.

That’s fine, says UC. You are excited and ready for a surprise.

“We’re playing really good baseball right now and we’re hot. Our boys believe in themselves, ”said UC coach Scott Googins after the draw on Monday. “We’re throwing it up. We swing it well. So why not us? “

Why not right, said UC outfielder AJ Bumpass.

AJ Bumpass talks to us about what this means to him … says this means a lot to the team and helps them grow. @WCPO @GoBearcatsBASE

– Paola Suro WCPO (@PaolaSNews) May 27, 2019

“I want to play the best. That is the most rewarding way. I think this team has been tested and I think we are ready to face the best, ”said Bumpass.

Check out this video when the Bearcats (30-29) found out they would play Oregon State (36-18-1) at 10 p.m. ET in Corvallis, Oregon on Friday. You can see the excitement on their faces as they stand up, clap, and cheer.

. @GoBearcatsBASE goes to Corvallis and plays Oregon State with 16 seeds to open the NCAA tournament on Friday. Check the team’s reaction: @WCPO

– Paola Suro WCPO (@PaolaSNews) May 27, 2019

It’s the moment the bearcats and fans have been waiting for since they were born.

“It’s definitely a great feeling,” said UC pitcher Clayton Colvin.

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Former UC pitcher Tim Burman knows the feeling. He was part of the last Bearcat team to make it to the NCAAs in 1974 and congratulated that year’s team at the Guard Party at Fifth Third Arena.

“We were very proud to be the last team,” said Burman. “It was time to turn the page, however, and now we’re even more proud to have the Bearcats back in the playoffs. So we’re very happy.”

“We didn’t want to be the last, we wanted this to continue,” says Tim Burman, who was part of the @GoBearcatsBASE team in the 70s when they last made it to the NCAA tournament @WCPO pic.twitter. com / 4kuQqjUa6p

– Paola Suro WCPO (@PaolaSNews) May 27, 2019

Other UC fans were there too to celebrate with the team.

“That’s pretty amazing,” said Ryan Meador. “This is a long drought so it’s cool it’s over.”

“I’ll be glued to the TV when I watch the tournament like I have been for the past four days!” said UC graduate Mike Ricketts, “It’s been an incredible week.”

UC won an automatic berth by winning four games in the American Athletic Conference tournament over the weekend and beating Connecticut 22-5 on Sunday. It was UC’s first conference championship since 1967.

Oregon State, the 16th overall seed in this year’s tournament, is the top seed in the region. UC is fourth. Creighton (38-11) with the number 2 will face Michigan (41-18) with the number 3 in the other first round at Corvallis. The winner of the tournament with four teams and two players will advance to the super region.

“It’s exciting to go and play in the state of Oregon,” said Googins.

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