The tiny but mighty “Cincinnati in Motion” exhibit is back at the Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – One of the most popular parts of the Cincinnati Museum Center is about to reopen. Two more exhibits are shown for the first time.

“Cincinnati in Motion” is the tiny but mighty model of downtown Cincinnati with models of trains from the 1910s, 20s, 30s and 40s. After closing with the Union Terminal in 2016, the exhibition will reopen on March 20. The renovated gallery shows cleaned and repaired historical train models as well as new lighting and sound.

Whitney Owens, chief learning officer at the Cincinnati Museum Center, said a lot of time was invested in refreshing the “fan favorite” exhibit.

“We’ve really been working on this model for a little over a year now,” she said. “We were able to go back to Union Terminal and add new elements, designs, fun new experiences and bring it back to life.”

In addition to the resurrection of “Cincinnati in Motion”, a new exhibition entitled “Shaping Our City,” which also opens on March 20, examines how traffic has affected the Cincinnati area.

“This is a look at how the rivers, rails, and roads really shaped the Cincinnati we know today,” Owens said.

“Shaping our City” encompasses everything from trams to today’s popular lime scooters.

A third exhibit will open in late April and explore what people in Cincinnati are doing rather than how they get around. The “You Are Here” exhibition is about working, living and playing in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Owens said all three exhibits work together to tell a story.

“If we repeat all of these galleries, we will have the opportunity to tell the full story of diversity in our region,” she said.

She added that more new and refreshed exhibits will return to Union Terminal later in 2020.

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