The space thriller “Voyagers” will strike a lockdown chord, says star Sheridan

By Hanna Rantala

LONDON (Reuters) – “Ready Player One” star Tye Sheridan heads into space to save humanity pandemic-weary public.

The film is set in the year 2063. The earth has become hot, dry and sick, but scientists have discovered a new planet that can support human life.

Salvation is an 86 year journey away, and 30 babies are being bred for the journey to reproduce so their grandchildren can populate their destination.

Under the supervision of an aging guardian played by Colin Farrell, the journey takes an unexpected turn when the teenagers, as they age, find they are drugged into an obedient existence and begin to rebel.

Sheridan – Wade Watts in Steven Spielberg-directed “Ready Player One” (2018) – said what may have felt like unfamiliar terrain to the actors when the film was made is likely closer to home.

“These characters are all isolated from one another, in a very close environment. And I think … based on everyone’s experience during COVID it was probably very similar,” said the 24-year-old who plays crew member Christopher. said.

“You start asking questions about yourself and realizing things that you normally wouldn’t be outside of this containment, and that’s why I think this movie is really timely,” he told Reuters of Boston, where he was doing the drama by George Clooney is shooting “The Tender Bar”.

His 21-year-old co-star Lily-Rose Depp, who plays the spaceship’s medical officer, Sela, liked the way the film forces its young crew to ask themselves moral and existential questions.

“I was really excited about the idea of ​​what human nature is if we remove all environmental and social impact,” she said.

“Voyagers” was written and directed by Limitless and Divergent filmmaker Neil Burger, who said he wanted to tell a story about human nature in a vacuum. “Who are we at our core … Are we moral or not?”

(Reporting by Hanna Rantala; editing by John Stonestreet)

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