The season of the Ensemble Theater Cincinnati continues with 10-minute connections: JUSTICE

Justice will be served at the Ensemble Theater Cincinnati while the 2019-2020 studio series continues with 10-minute Connections: Justice on February 10th at 7pm. In preparation for the ensemble’s next main stage piece, Dominique Morriseau’s Pipeline, five 10-minute pieces will be presented together with Morriseau’s short play Night Vision as staged readings that revolve around the theme of justice.

Following an open call for submissions from local playwrights, Joe McDonough and the ensemble staff have narrowed the plays down to the five that will be presented on February 10th. Each piece gives a closer look at the importance of justice on both a national and local scale in society today.

“Understanding can only be achieved by listening to the point of view of others,” says D. Lynn Meyers, Producing Artistic Director. “Hopefully we will hear someone else’s point of view of what is valuable to them. I want to expand our perceptions and other people’s beliefs so we can become a little more harmonious society. It’s a lofty goal, but if we can do it 10 minutes at a time, that’s great. “

About the pieces

Wake up child

Reacted through Isaiah

Roberta, a black mother of the 21st century, suffers a devastating loss alongside a black mother of the 20th century. But the lines of reality blur when Roberta realizes she is talking to Emmett Till’s mother.

We have an opening to an anger

By Liz Coley

Three injured women respond to an unusual invitation to increase their influence to mythical proportions.

Wrong work

By Victoria Hawley

A lunchtime conversation on a construction site tests the relationship and ego of three men and asks the question: “Do men talk about women like that? Why not?”

Do you see me

By Torie Wiggins

A young man in the neighborhood is made invisible. A chance neighbor has been given the power to see the invisible and is seeing him for the first time. But it can be too late …

Wind killing factor

By Derek Snow

Most of us use “freeze to death” as a phrase. What if it becomes an everyday option? When is it a matter of life or death? Wind Kill Factor explores the intricate relationship between justice and vengeance.

Performance information

This one-night reading will take place on Monday, February 10th, at 7 p.m. in the ETC rehearsal room.

Ticket prices

Tickets are $ 15 for subscribers or $ 20 for non-subscribers and can be purchased by phone or in person at the box office at (513) 421-3555. More information is available at

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