The Real Reason Some characters are using older technology for American gods

In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, American Gods writer and executive producer Neil Gaiman stated, “It’s never as easy as the new gods are the good guys or the bad guys and the old gods are the good guys or the bad guys.” “If so, then the old gods would have no qualms about doing business with the new. While the old gods could accept a new form of technology to receive worship, any technology used would give power to the new gods.

Bilquis, for example, took the help of Technical Boy and gained new power by being worshiped through online dating sites. This benefits Technical Boy, who exists because of mankind’s commitment to modern communication systems like the Internet. For gods like Odin (Mr. Wednesday) who want to return to their full strength, it is a worse fate than death to be under the thumb of a younger god.

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