The Plowz & Mowz app aims to make ordering a snowplow as easy as ordering a dinner in neighborhoods

However, the automatic pricing system is not perfect as it is based on the customer’s own estimates of the size of the job. He turned up once to clear a driveway that a customer had described as one car wide and five cars long, only to find that it was closer to four cars wide and fifteen cars long. Now he knows that in situations like this, he can call the company’s 24-hour support team so they can discuss the problem with the customer before starting work. At this point he is locked up.

This support made Sterling Evert ready to try the app. Evert, which owns Home Land Enterprises, LLC in Cross Plains, said he didn’t want to speak to an intake if problems arose. “I’d rather work with people, either on the phone or face-to-face,” he said, noting that he has since reached the Plowz & Mowz staff at 8:00 pm

During some storms, he’s so busy with his own customers that he can’t take jobs through the app, and sometimes the jobs the app offers are too far away to be worth. He has to prioritize his contract customers and knows that app customers can expect immediate service.

“That’s the only problem I see … you can’t be the first on the list,” said Evert.

In some cities, Mahoney said, some contractors are getting so much work through the app that they now have dedicated trucks for Plowz & Mowz jobs. He hopes that at some point the company will offer services nationwide and is already expanding its range of services. In some areas, customers can now order commercial property snow removal, salting (without shoveling or plowing), animal waste removal, gutter cleaning, firewood delivery, and even drone photography. Those offerings will continue to grow, Mahoney said, but the company will always focus on working outdoors.

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