The physique sealed in Ohio was the lady’s 19-year-old son – CBS Pittsburgh

WESTWOOD, Ohio (AP) – An agency that authorities claim a couple had been hiding in their Ohio home for more than two months last year has been identified as the woman’s 19-year-old son.

Dominic Allen was last seen on September 26, and his body was found in the Westwood home of Kenya Stallworth, 39, and her husband Robert Robb, 35, who is not Allen’s father, in early December. The identification of Allen’s body was announced Monday by the Hamilton County coroner office.

Cincinnati police believe Allen died at the time he went missing, but the cause of death and other related details were not disclosed.

Police said the couple tried to hide the body by putting clothes on the body, sealing the bedroom, and trying to get rid of odors while the body decomposed. You didn’t say why the couple didn’t report the death.

Both were charged with the crime of a corpse and tampering with evidence after the body was found, and each remains detained on $ 100,000 bail. It was not clear Tuesday whether any of the defendants kept a lawyer.

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