The Oklahoma Senator is filing a bill to ban paper straws in the state

I have to admit, sucking paper straws. However, I don’t think they should be banned.

Plastic straws have been a hot topic in recent years. It all started a few years ago after a video went viral of a turtle pulling a straw out of its nose. This sparked a debate about banning the straw, which led to what we are doing now. Some places have started using strawless beverage lids which are still made of plastic and which in my opinion do not help the environment.

Others started using paper straws. Which makes sense if the straw went into the ocean it wouldn’t eventually lose its composition and wouldn’t be as hard as a plastic straw. The problem with paper straws is that you better drink whatever you have with that straw, quickly. These straws will also start to dissolve as you drink them. Worst of all, when you have your meal and when your food comes out your straw starts the process.

I learned today that pasta straws are one thing. I’ve never tried any of these before. The only way I learned about this last was from Senator Nathan Dahm because of Oklahoma Senate Act 1065. It was filed yesterday and would effectively ban paper and pasta straws in the state.

Under the measure, an approved food business in the state supplying a consumer with a straw cannot distribute straws made from non-plastic materials, including, but not limited to, paper or pasta.

“They have states like California where left-wing loons banned plastic straws because they saw a video on social media of a sea turtle being harmed by ingesting a straw,” Senator Dahm said in a press release. “Under the guise of helping the planet, they banned plastic straws, resulting in who knows how many trees are now being felled to make paper straws.”

Since the bill was tabled after the legislative period for this year, it can only be heard as a bill by the committee, or it can resubmit it before the next year’s legislative period.

Personally, I think a restaurant should be allowed to use whatever straw they want. Unless this restaurant is near a natural body of water. If you have a restaurant by the harbor or on the beach, consider using paper straws. Just my opinion.

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