The Ohio Libertarian Party is ready to be noticed this fall

The tight competition in the 12th Congressional District and battle for governor this fall has drawn the attention of many Ohio political watchers. But after regaining small party status last month, the Libertarian Party of Ohio says it’s ready to be noticed.

The Ohio Libertarian Party lost state recognition through rules passed by the Republican-dominated legislature in 2013.

But communications director David Jackson said the party has had candidates for governor, auditor, secretary of state and several races in the statehouse since regaining state recognition. And he said the party could win some even though they are not a professional political organization.

“We’re a volunteer grassroots organization, so we’re working on a different wavelength,” he said.

The party also has candidates in four of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts, but not in the high-profile 12th district, which includes Green candidate Joe Manchik, Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor. Libertarian Matthew O’Connor couldn’t get enough signatures for quality.

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