The Ohio Democratic Party makes changes

Multiple sources confirm that there have been some major personnel changes at the Ohio Democratic Party in the past few days.

Sources confirm that several key Ohio Democratic Party officials have been sacked. New Ohio Democratic Party leader Liz Walters won’t talk about why employees are being laid off or how many are being laid off, but she says changes shouldn’t be unexpected.

“There’s going to be a realignment of strategy and structure and we’re going to work on our stakeholders to really outline what that is in the next month or two,” says Walters.

Walters was named to the post by the party’s executive committee last week after receiving approval from Democratic US Senator Sherrod Brown.


This was the first year in nearly four decades that Ohio did not select the presidential race winner. But the Democrats lost the last two presidential elections in Ohio.

Aside from Brown being won and re-elected to his Senate seat, no Democrat has been elected to a statewide extrajudicial seat in over a decade. And at the state level, Democrats have been in the minority in state legislation since 2011.

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