The Ohio Democratic Party has a new leader

The Ohio Democratic Party has a new chair. Summit County Council’s wife, Liz Walters, was elected by the party’s executive committee last night.

It was about two women – Antoinette Wilson and Liz Walters. After a few words about the need to rebuild the party using the strength of leaders in Ohio’s 88 counties, Antoinette Wilson said something that seemed to take many by surprise.

“I can honestly say that in my career I have always put the interests of this party first. And tonight I will do that again. So I ask you to join forces to support Liz Walters as party leader,” said Wilson.

There was a few minutes of silence after Wilson withdrew. The committee then proceeded to unanimously vote Walters into the position.

After the oath, Walters spoke about the unity of the party. And she told a story about seeing firsthand problems with poor health care after her aunt died from cancer. She said that trip made her work for change. And she urged party members to focus on their own stories.

“Now we need to lean on them more than ever because the work for our party will be difficult and we will undoubtedly have many tough conversations about our detailed strategies and tactics,” said Walters.

Walters, former ODP executive director, replaces David Pepper, who stepped down last month, saying the party needs new leadership following Republican victories in 2020. And because the party’s chairman is now female, a male vice chairman also had to be elected. Andre ‘Washington was the unanimous choice for the job.

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