The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission is launching a new fund for the self-sufficiency of local families

The Northern Kentucky Horizon Community Funds and the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) launched a fund to support the work of NKCAC to help families in Northern Kentucky become self-employed.

“This particular fund could not have come at a more appropriate time as a nonprofit has seen a tremendous surge in full-service requests for northern Kentuckians of all ages and needs,” said Nancy Grayson, president of the Horizon Community Funds. “The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission has its finger on the pulse of the real pain points of our neighbors hardest hit in times of crisis, especially now during the ongoing pandemic. We are ready to bolster your funding through this new partnership and strongly encourage the community to get involved with us. ”

NKCAC takes a whole person, family and community approach and focuses on development and support services. The organization helps families acquire the skills, abilities, knowledge and instruction to become economically independent. In addition, the organization provides temporary basic assistance to help families move out of poverty more comfort, security, dignity and security.

“Northern Kentucky CAC is excited to partner with Horizon Community Funds,” said Catrena Bowman-Thomas, executive director of NKCAC. “This will allow us to serve even more families in northern Kentucky at this crucial time and provide donors with another opportunity to support community service.”

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission operates neighborhood centers in every county in which it operates in Northern Kentucky, enabling nonprofits to meet customers where they are physically and in life. The organization provides services from early childhood care and education to career readiness programming to family support programs and more.

-Staff report

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