The National High School Basketball Coaches Association’s summer conference is coming to Cleveland in July

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The National High School Basketball Coaches Association is bringing its summer conference to Cleveland in July, and NHSBCA President Tom Barrick hopes this could be a crucial step in transforming college recruitment.

With the NCAA announcing the end of its June recruitment deadline last week, the third and fourth weeks are reserved for school events. Barrick wants to take advantage of these weeks, and he will have three days to gather high school coaches from across the country to think about what they can do.

“We’re not trying to eliminate AAU, but we want to bring recruitment back to high school level,” said Barrick on Monday, “because of the academic part that is so important to high school coaches.” This is our priority. “

The NHSBCA’s summer conference will be held July 13-16 at the Hilton in downtown Cleveland. The event was supposed to be in Cleveland last year, after the Seattle event in 2019, but the coronavirus pandemic has thrown those plans out of the way.

Barrick said the three-day event will not only include opportunities for coaches across the country to share ideas, but that social justice will be an integral part of this year’s itinerary.

“We’re not just trying to be an organization, we’re trying to be an educational organization to encourage younger people to coach,” said Barrick. “It’s about developing young people.”

Barrick, who left Wheelersburg as a teacher and trainer in 2015, is doing both again at a small school across the state line at Russell High School in Kentucky. He is a member of the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame and emphasized his desire to attract more and younger coaches to the OHSBCA, which is a branch of the NHSBCA. The summer’s three-day event is open to coaches who are OHSBCA and NHSCA members. This is a dual membership.

The focus on recruiting is after the NCAA announced Thursday last week that it would be extending its Division I coach recruitment deadline to June 1, and first-time transfers are eligible to play immediately.

The third and fourth weeks of June are reserved for school events organized by state sports or coaching associations. Division I college coaches may only attend these events and not AAU or “grass roots” basketball events.

The OHSBCA hosted its first school showcase at Capital University in 2019, where the EJ Farmer of Cleveland Heights (now a Toledo recruit) and Kalen Etzler of Convoy Crestview (heading to Ohio State) were among 121 high school players pre-college Coaches. including Bob Huggins of West Virginia and Ryan Pedon, Ohio State Assistant.

Plans for the final year initially included additional showcases with full high school teams. Barrick said that won’t happen this year, but the OHSBCA is still planning to hold an individual showcase on Saturday, June 26th. The venue for this event has not yet been finalized, but Barrick said it could be held at a new facility in Mount Vernon.

The Cleveland Coaching Summit in July will set the tone for how the OHSBCA plans its 2022 presentation events that could play a role in an evolving college recruiting landscape.

“Part of our conversation will be how high school kids will be recruited in the future due to the pandemic, the extra years of study and the transfer portal,” Barrick said. “We want our children to have opportunities. It’s not just about playing to the next level, but when our kids have that opportunity, we want to make sure they have that opportunity. “

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