The Marlins want to end the red domination, especially in Cincinnati

Miami lost eight of their last nine games to the Cincinnati Reds. This is the marlin’s tendency to turn back on Saturday night.

Cincinnati also won the Great American Ball Park, a stadium, for five consecutive games against the Marlins.

The Reds lead first baseman Joey Votto, who is second in the National League with 28 home runs, by a sluggish percentage.

Marlins trainer Don Mattingly said of the bot after Friday’s game, “He’s not gone now.”

Red’s second baseman, Jonathan India, has also praised the bot.

“Joey does something cool every night,” said India. “He was our leader all year round. It’s fun to watch him…. We go just like Joey goes. “

In fact, Cincinnati’s 5-3 win over Miami on Friday made the bot home. The bot has deepened 20 times in the last 47 games. He also has 49 RBIs during this period.

In contrast, he only had eight home runs and 29 RBIs in the first 41 games of the season.

In its last 53 games, the bot has had 20 home runs and 49 RBIs. In his first 47 games, he had 8 home runs and 32 RBIs.

Saturday’s Reds start as left-handed Wade Miley (10-4, 2.84 ERA). Miley stands out with five career starts with the Marlins, with the ERA hitting a 2-2 at 1.59.

Miley, who does not play Miami this year, has won six straight decisions and when he started the Reds were 14-8. He has made 13 quality starts this year including 3 of the last 4 appearances.

The Marlins are looking for a cutter that Miley throws with a 50% chance. Miley doesn’t throw relatively hard and fires his fastball 16 percent of the time.

Meanwhile, Miami will start a rookie right-handed Zack Thompson (2-5, 2.91 ERA) on Saturday.

The Marlins were 3-8 years old when they formed Thompson, who had never played against the Reds.

Thompson, who lost the last three decisions, has made three quality starts in eleven games this year.

In addition to the bot, Thompson may be suspicious of the Reds’ third baseman Mike Moustakas, who has been postponed because of a breakout game. All-star and three-time World Series champion Mike Moustakas played 0-4 on Friday, and his hitless streak is now the worst 25 of his career.

Miami wants to drive rookie second baseman Jazz Chisholm Jr., who did a 2-4 2-4 homer on Friday. He has 14 home runs and 12 steels this year.

“He’s always had really good power, but his swing just keeps getting better,” said Mattingly of Chisholm. “His swing is more disciplined and he’s starting to understand him better. We look at the results. “

Unfortunately for Miami, the Marlins batter, not named Chisholm, scored 0 RBIs 2-27 on Friday.

-Field level media

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