The Kentucky Democratic Party was sentenced to prison

Lundergan was sentenced in September after a month-long trial. He was sentenced in federal court on Thursday while Emmons was sentenced to three years probation, nine months of which will be served in a house in between.

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Lundergan was fined $ 150,000 and Emmons was fined $ 50,000. Lundergan was found guilty in all ten cases and Emmons convicted in all six cases.

The men are long-time friends and well-known Kentucky political figures. Lundergan is a former lawmaker and former Democratic Party leader. Emmons has campaigned for offices from courthouses to Congress.

The two men broke “important laws governing the integrity of our elections,” said Robert Duncan, US attorney for Kentucky’s Eastern District, in a press release Thursday.

Grimes ended her second and final term as Secretary of State in January.

This version corrects the spelling of Grimes’ first name.

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