The Hyderabad-based college is developing new technology to alert drowsy drivers

Hyderabad: To prevent traffic accidents caused by sleepy drivers, the Hyderabad-based Military College of Electronics and Engineering (MCEME) has developed a new technology that will alert them.

A device based on artificial intelligence is attached to the dashboard of a vehicle. From there, it detects and scans the driver’s eyes. When it is closed for a certain period of time, it triggers an alarm to wake up the driving person and prevent accidents.

“It is a modular system with plug-and-play functionality that draws minimal energy from the vehicle battery. It monitors the driver’s facial expressions in real time by using AI analysis on the eyes and face to determine if they are sleepy, ”a spokesman for MCEME told Indian Express.

This accident prevention system-based AI was developed as part of a pilot project that will be handed over to the Telangana government for further experimentation and optimization.

The prototype along with the technology was recently handed over by Lieutenant General Narayanan, commander of MCEME, to Jayesh Ranjan, chief secretary of the IT department of the Telangana government. Sundeep Kumar Maktala, President of the Telangana Information and Technology Association (TITA), who worked with MCEME on the project, was also present.

“The state government could use it effectively for RTC buses or other public transport. The IT department will discuss this with the transportation department and determine how to proceed, ”said Sandeep.

He also said that TITA will work with MCEME on more than 15 projects and run hackathons in the future.

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