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CINCINNATI, March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ORION Electronics Company, Inc, a black-owned consumer electronics company, Says They Are Bringing The Future of Urban Travel ™ To The US Roads Through Their Smart E-Bike And Subscription Ridesharing App, and anyone can become an early investor.

The micromobility market is expected to exceed by 2030 $ 300 billion in the US and $ 900 billion global (McKinsey). Founder and CEO of ORION Paul Perkinssays, “The millions of essential Americans who earn less than $ 30,000 A year is most dependent on micromobility options but is left out and overlooked by existing carpooling agencies like Uber, Lyft, Lime, Bird, etc., which are usually not easily accessible and too expensive in low income areas for students and young professionals. “

ORION believes that equitable access to high quality, reliable and affordable transportation is the most important factor for a person to make a living and lift himself out of poverty in the 21st century. The reality is that someone from yesterday, today and tomorrow will lose their job or miss a class or opportunity simply because they cannot afford transportation or have no access to it.

Their flagship, the ORION Bike® and ORIONGo® app, is designed to solve the transportation problem for millions of Americans. The ORION bike is a smart, affordable and innovative urban e-bike. It has a top speed of 20 miles / h, a distance of 20 miles and only takes 2-3 hours to charge!

It is currently being sold $ 899 for the Standard Edition and $ 999 For the Founder’s Edition, only 200 Founder Edition motorcycles are made and sold. The ORION bike can currently be pre-ordered for $ 50 on the ORION website.

The ORION Bike® will also be available to the public via the ORIONGo® (OGO) app, the first ride-sharing service only for subscriptions. The OGO app will range from $ 10/ Month to $ 60/ Year for unlimited access, distance and time for drivers. With the OGO app, ORION can also work with shared apartments, companies and educational institutions in order to get “free” access to their bikes for a contractual fee.

** Investment opportunity **

ORION Electronics Company, Inc offers Equity Owned by Wunderfund, Inc at $ 0.25 per share, which is calculated as (your invested amount / $ 2.5 million Post-money evaluation).

Post-money rating: $ 2.5 million

Target increase: $ 10.0K, up to $ 250,000

Minimum investment: $ 100.00 (for at least 400 shares at $ 0.25/Divide)

See the official ORION Bike® commercial here.

Visit to find out more and to pre-order your ORION bike today!

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About ORION Electronics Company, Inc.

ORION Electronics Company, Inc. is a global consumer electronics company founded on Beijing Technical University (BJUT) 2013 by co-founders, Paul Perkins (CEO), Sydney Mwaimba (COO), Colin Curry (CDO) and Pius Gadosey (CTO). They are currently headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. ORION develops affordable, innovative and environmentally friendly products for consumers in underrepresented markets. Their vision is to create a more innovative and sustainable future, a vision they call “Internet of Us ™”.

You can connect with ORION below:

Twitter: @_orionec

Instagram: @_orionec

[email protected]

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