The Enquirer is hosting a virtual mayoral debate in Cincinnati

The early voting is underway and the May 4th pre-election is around the corner. For Cincinnati voters who need more information before deciding who should best run Queen City for the next four years, the Enquirer is hosting a virtual mayor’s debate on April 22nd.

The debate will be available live on and The Enquirer’s Greater Cincinnati Politics Facebook group at 1:00 p.m. Five of the six mayoral candidates – Ohio Senator Cecil Thomas of Avondale; Cincinnati Alderman David Mann of Clifton; Hamilton County Court Clerk Aftab Pureval, from Clifton; retired Cincinnati firefighter Raffel Prophett of Avondale; and Mount Lookout businessman Gavi Begtrup compete in one of the most important city races of the year. The pedagogue Dr. West Price Hill’s Herman Najoli informed investigators that he was not available to participate.

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Corruption in the town hall, affordable housing, law enforcement, social justice, economic development and tax breaks will be among the topics discussed. Opinion editor Kevin Aldridge will moderate the debate and the candidates will be interviewed by City Hall reporter Sharon Coolidge and political columnist Jason Williams.

“Debate is an important part of the process in any election, but with the city still pulling out after the arrest of three councilors on corruption charges, it is especially important that the mayor candidates stand in front of the electorate to express their vision for you another step to share. ” Beryl Love, Editor-in-Chief of Enquirer, said: “We look forward to hosting the debate and will ask the questions that need to be asked.”

Readers can send questions for Candidates until debate to [email protected]. Some of the questions submitted by the reader will be asked during the debate.

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