The Cincinnati Zoo is partnering with Electrada to bring a convenience to customers with electric charging needs

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden – recognized as the “Greenest Zoo in America” ​​- has accelerated its sustainability efforts. Working with Electrada, a Cincinnati-based electric mobility company, the zoo now offers a unique convenience to customers with EV charging needs.

With the help of one of the four dual-port chargers, visitors can now run their electric vehicles on solar energy, which is captured by the zoo’s solar panels in the parking lot on Vine Street.

“The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is excited to offer our 57,000 annual pass holders and guests the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated from our state-of-the-art on-site solar roof,” said Mark Fisher, Cincinnati Zoo’s vice president of facilities and Sustainability. “The installation of this new equipment gives us another opportunity to educate the public about renewable energy initiatives and how they are involved.”

“The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has been at the forefront of sustainable practices in the greater Cincinnati area for years,” said Kevin Kushman, CEO of Electrada. “We are proud to work with the zoo to create a more inclusive community where clean and affordable mobility solutions are available to all.”

Electrada invests in EV charging infrastructure and operates it as a highly reliable, affordable and convenient turnkey service for drivers and local host partners. Use of technology from FLO | AddEnergie, a leading North American network and technology provider, provides Electrada with a powerful, community-centric charging solution for EV drivers where they work, live, shop and play.

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