The Cincinnati police are hoping to hire new officers

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Many law enforcement agencies across the state require more officers. The Cincinnati Police Department has developed a unique method to help them recruit and get them on the streets faster.

What you need to know

  • The Cincinnati Police Department hires its first page class since 2015
  • A side class consists of officers who have two years of experience with another Ohio State Police Department
  • CPD hopes to hire at least 35 officers for the side program to bridge the need for civil servants
  • Side officers still have to complete training, 12 weeks of academy courses and 12 weeks of field training, much less than the 28 weeks of academy courses and 12 weeks of field training for normal recruits

For some police officers, some departments are required to find the right fit. Such was the case for Cincinnati police officer Michael Donald.

“The best decision I ever made was to go to the Cincinnati Police Department,” said Donald.

After starting his career in 1994 with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, he joined the Cleveland Police Department, where he was fired in 2004 due to budget constraints. At this point he became interested in working in Cincinnati.

“I came down, stayed the weekend and went,” he said. “After eight hours of this shift, I just told him he was going to call me.”

Donald hasn’t looked back since then.

“It was like a third of the job, the people were a lot nicer, even the criminals seemed a lot nicer,” said Donald.

Donald was part of a minor class with CPD, which means he had at least two years of experience in another department and needed less training to get his job done.

Now CPD is recruiting its first side class since 2015 to meet the need for more officers.

Donald said he was glad he went through the program 17 years ago.

“I just love it here, you know what I mean?” He said. “When I got out there, the city, the people are a lot friendlier. I mean, it’s just a different vibe. I felt it. I said , that’s me, I’m not going back. “

When he looks back at the old pictures of himself at the beginning of his career, he sees another officer.

“I was a little nervous, scared and insecure at the time,” he said. “Now I have so much confidence that it’s incredible. Maybe too much confidence. “

He said he was glad he grew into the man he is today in a place he now calls home.

“I just love the city,” he said. “I’ve been here for 17 years. It is home now. “

The application deadline for the Lateral Program ends on June 3rd.

Requirements include Ohio certification and a minimum of two years with another department.

Applicants must also complete 12 weeks of academy course and 12 weeks of field training before they are ready for the solo patrol. The program is scheduled to start in September.

Click here to apply for the position.

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