The Cincinnati Museum Center raises funds to update and add exhibits

The Cincinnati Museum Center reaches out to the public by raising funds for its $ 85 million Champion More Curiosity campaign to redesign old exhibits and add new ones.

The campaign is the largest in the history of the museum center and will fund the construction of nine new exhibits and update four existing ones. Officials said every aspect of the Museum of Natural History and Science and the Cincinnati History Museum will be updated or redesigned with a “focus on better synergies between science and history”.

The Champion More Curiosity campaign has raised over $ 67 million to date, and officials hope to raise the remaining $ 18 million of their campaign target by July 2023.

From the fund:

  • $ 40 million will support the development of new exhibits.
  • $ 20 million will help support programming updates and operational requirements
  • US $ 25 million will go to the CMC Foundation

“The Cincinnati Museum Center is a place of discovery that replaces science, art, technology, history and culture. A meeting point for the left and right brains that inflame neurons with big eyes, “said Elizabeth Pierce, President and CEO of the Cincinnati Museum Center, in a statement. “Together we have the unique opportunity to redesign our museum, strengthening our community and transforming young minds when we start looking for discovery.”

The Cincinnati Museum Center has invested in updates and renovations in recent years, and even completed restoration work on the Union Terminal in 2018. Officials said the 2018 update of the Public Landing gallery and the opening of Dinosaur Hall set the tone for ongoing upgrades.

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“The Cincinnati Museum Center is an important contributor to the vitality of our region and enhancing its economic impact for the benefit of all,” said James M. Zimmerman, Cincinnati partner at Taft Law and co-chair of Champion More Curiosity. “The” Champion More Curiosity “campaign will not only fuel the future of the museum, it will also promote the economic prosperity of our region.”

How to donate:

  • Add a donation at checkout when purchasing tickets or memberships online.
  • Add a donation to retail and food service areas within CMC.
  • Donations are accepted directly at the box office by credit card, check, cash or piggy bank.
  • Gifts can be made online at

It will be a while before the campaign ends in 2023, and until then the museum will be constantly updated.

Next, exhibits will open at the Cincinnati Museum Center:

  • Ice Age Gallery (July 2021).
  • John A. and Judy Ruthven enter the nature gallery (2022).
  • Made in Cincinnati (2022).
  • Mission Vicar: Cincinnati Under the Sea (2023).
  • Archeology and Early Settlement Gallery (2024).

For more information on how to raise awareness or how to donate, please visit

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