The Cincinnati Museum Center is slated to open in July

Despite the approval to open on June 10th, the Cincinnati Museum Center plans to reopen on July 17th.

The delay will allow the museum center to revise and flow its exhibits, said spokesman Cody Hefner.

The museum center has worked in recent years to make its exhibits much more practical and interactive, said Hefner.

“Now we have to take a step back and say, ‘How do we make this compatible for the new era we’re in?'” He said.

The museum center is also working on logistics to update its layout and protocol, and allow for social distancing. There will be timed tickets to limit capacity, for example, and the children’s museum is unlikely to reopen with the rest of the room.

“We want to make sure we can reopen with an experience that guests will enjoy and still be able to do so in a safe manner,” said Hefner.

The museum center announced this week that it is laying off 50 full-time and 125 part-time workers who were previously on leave due to the coronavirus.

Another 52 employees and managers made salary cuts.

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