The Cincinnati Enquirer will host a virtual debate Thursday at 1:00 p.m.

Voters will be faced with a crucial decision on the future of low-income housing in Cincinnati on May 4th. Issue 3 is an amendment to the Bylaws that requires Cincinnati to allocate $ 50 million each year to build affordable homes and renovate existing affordable homes.

Proponents of the electoral initiative say it is a long overdue and much-needed investment in everyday citizens priced out of Queen City. Issue 3 opponents say it will cripple the city’s budget and cut deeply into critical services like law enforcement.

The Enquirer will host a virtual debate on Issue 3 on Thursday April 29th at 1pm. The hour-long debate can be followed live on and the Enquirer’s Greater Cincinnati Politics Facebook group.

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The debate will be moderated by opinion editor Kevin Aldridge and town hall reporter Sharon Coolidge.

A press conference with firefighters, union leaders, nurses and politicians was held in front of the town hall on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.  They raised their concerns on Issue 3 and called for a no in May.

Mona Jenkins, director of development and operations for the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, will support the debate on Issue 3. the Rev. Nelson Pierce Jr., senior pastor of Beloved Community Church, Avondale; and Josh Spring, co-chair of Cincinnati Action for Housing Now.

Renita Jones-Street, AFSCME Regional Director, representing Campaign No. 3; Pete McLinden, Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council; and Matt Alter, President of the Cincinnati Fire Fighters Union Local 48.

“Issue 3 asks how the city is putting spending directly into the hands of the electorate, and passing it would have a significant budgetary impact,” said Beryl Love, Executive Editor of Enquirer. “It is critical that voters understand the concerns of both sides before they cast their votes, and this debate will provide that opportunity.”

Readers can email their questions about Issue 3 pending debate to [email protected]. Some of the questions submitted by the reader will be asked during the debate.

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