The Cincinnati City Council gets a new member

The Cincinnati City Council officially has a new member. Republican Elizabeth “Betsy” Sundermann was sworn in Wednesday night after being named to replace Amy Murray, who is leaving to take a job in DC

Sundermann is an attorney and was a judge in the Hamilton County Probate Court, Ralph Winkler.

She told an audience that Cincinnatians wanted a government that would listen to them. She said her focus will be on jobs, opportunities and safe neighborhoods.

“I will fight for Cincinnatians who want to work hard, get ahead and have better lives,” said Sundermann. “I will stand up for the citizens who help our community flourish and prosper. I will fight for all of you. If we work together, we can rise above the chaos and major problems in our city without division and instead with.” Solve commonalities. ” Sense and understanding. “

Sundermann grew up in Hyde Park and graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana and the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

She is married to David Laing. They have two children and live in East Price Hill.

Laing now works for the city law firm. Prior to that, he was an advisor to Councilor PG Sittenfeld and Mayor John Cranley.

Murray and a committee selected Sundermann to fill the seat last week.

There was drama over the council nomination, and Murray-designate successors Christopher Smitherman and Jeff Pastor reportedly preferred another candidate to fill the seat. Murray also reportedly threatened to alter her town hall filing to allow another councilor to make the appointment.

A series of talks and meetings on Monday appeared to have resolved the matter.

Murray is leaving the council to become director of small business programs for the US Department of Defense. It is a political appointment and serves according to the will of the president. She starts this job on March 16 in Washington.

Murray was commended by her councilors on Wednesday night for her service and friendship.

“I told you earlier today that I will miss you very much, I count you as a great friend,” said Councilor David Mann. “I count you as the epitome of what public service should be. You come to prepared meetings and present your point of view very well. And the city is a better place for it.”

Councilor Wendell Young said party affiliation made no difference to Murray when it came to getting things done.

“You made a career here that I absolutely admire,” said Young. “I especially like the way you showed that you can work on a project and try to make it a success even though you don’t believe the project should exist. I think it’s huge. I think It says a lot about your character. It says a lot about your commitment to service. “

Meanwhile, Sittenfeld is still working to fill the vacant seat of Councilor Tamaya Dennard, who resigned this week after being accused by federal prosecutors of selling her votes on the council.

Sittenfeld announced the criteria for the selection on Tuesday and hopes to be able to make a selection by the end of the month.

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