The care team at the Cincinnati Zoo surprisingly finds wallaby’s pouch in Mama


Pocket’s mother Ava has a joey in her pouch, but she hasn’t bred since Pocket popped out of her pouch last year! You can see the developing Joey wobble in this latest video from the Wallaby Care team. But how did it get here? Ava not only carried Pocket in her pouch when she arrived in Cincinnati in early 2020, she also carried a fertilized embryo. Some mammals have the option of pausing pregnancy (known as “embryonic diapause”) until the time is right to give birth. Once Pocket was out of the pouch and more independent, the other embryo began to develop and ended up in Mommy’s pouch. It just opened its eyes and will likely grow hair soon. It will then be ready to get out and meet its brother!

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Wednesday Mar 17th, 2021

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