The cardinal corner duo of Goldschmidt and Arenado is one of the great sports

The best of the White-Boyer Gold Glove years was 1963, when White fought with 20 homers and 102 RBIs against .324 and with 24 homers and 98 RBIs against Boyer .291. Her offensively best collective year was the World Series title year in 1964, when White had his best Cardinals season with 27 homers, 109 RBIs and an average of 0.304 and MVP Boyer had 24 homers, 111 RBIs and an average of 0.285, however no gold glove. won by Ron Santo from Chicago that year.

More recently, Oakland’s first baseman Matt Olson and third baseman, Matt Chapman, rallied gold gloves in both 2018 and 2019. Their performance numbers were remarkable, but their beating averages were not on the potential Goldschmidt-Arenado scale.

In 2019, their best year, both Olson and Chapman had 36 homers and 91 RBIs, but hit .247 and .269, respectively.

After deliberation, Leyland brought up the Colorado Rockies, which he administered in 1998. Third Colorado baseman Vinny Castilla didn’t win gold for the Rockies, despite having a strong, true arm, but he and Galarraga, then the Rockies’ first baseman, put together a stretch of three great years from 1995 to 1997. And the three-time gold glove winner Todd Helton took office in 1998 and recorded two strong seasons with Castilla as the third baseman.

With Coors Field as a friendly backdrop, Galarraga and Castilla took the first and third combo, which had never had a season of 40 or more homers in 1996 and 1997. Galarraga drove a total of 290 races and Castilla 226 in these two years.

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