The car dealer Bernie Moreno from Ohio has the Senate seat in its sights

Although Bernie Moreno considers himself politically active and engaged, he said he never thought he would run for public office.

That changed last week when the Cleveland area businessman and merchant launched its offer for a seat vacated by Republican Senator Rob Portman in 2022.

With more than 30 years of experience in the auto industry, Moreno said that if he is elected, he will ensure that public order and regulation create an environment for businesses to grow.

Moreno joins a crowded field of candidates battling for Ohio’s GOP nomination. Among his challengers are former Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken and former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.

“Businesspeople weigh the implications of risk, reward, and benefit: what are the possible consequences of my decision if this happens?” Moreno, 54, told Automotive News. “As a car dealer, you have to make these economic decisions every day if you have to go through this.”

The native Colombian from Bogota said a “deep concern” about the country’s direction led him to take part in the race.

By running for office, he wants to “stop socialism” while defending the legacy of former President Donald Trump.

Its campaign platform includes support for deadline restrictions and decisive action regarding China, as well as a commitment not to accept money from the Corporate Political Action Committee (PAC).

Moreno said he wanted to bring the perspective of entrepreneurs and business people, including auto dealers, to Capitol Hill. This perspective includes maintaining a level playing field for businesses and ensuring that vehicle safety and emissions regulations are “reasonably achievable”.

“The idea of ​​you saying, OK, tomorrow every car you make has to be electric – that’s just not doable in a capital-intensive business like the auto industry,” Moreno said. “We have to make sure we have a mix of reality and good public order theory.”

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