The British professor explains the effects of the DC riots on Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Several Kentucky lawmakers condemned the violent attack on Wednesday in Washington DC during the Electoral College certification process.

What you need to know

  • Kentucky law professor talks about violence in Wasington, DC
  • Joshua Douglas praises Senator Mitch McConnell’s statements but says they were late.
  • Douglas believes Kentucky’s Republican Party must conduct a “soul search”.
  • Douglas said there are two Republican parties – one that follows Donald Trump and one that follows Mitch McConnell

But it also begs the question of what impact the unrest had on the Commonwealth.

“This was an incitement to violence by the President and it was really shameful what we saw. And not just the riots and violence in the Capitol and the Capitol, but also the ongoing objection to a free and fair election, with some people dissatisfied with the results. It was really a shameful day for democracy, ”said Joshua Douglas.

He is a professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law specializing in constitutional law.

Douglas said that while Senator Mitch McConnell’s testimony on Wednesday before and after the riot had eminently recognized the 2020 elections, it was in some ways two months late.

“Considered the party’s oldest statesman, McConnell has waited a long time to acknowledge what so many others have recognized and what the numbers clearly showed that Joe Biden won this election. I wish McConnell had gotten up earlier and made the statement that he was trying to suppress some of the other members of his party in order to advance the objections, “Douglas said.

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY, 5th Ward) voted against the confirmation of the election results early Thursday morning. This makes him the only member of the Kentucky congressional delegation to object.

“A member of the Kentucky delegation voted against the votes of the electoral college in Arizona and Pennsylvania. It’s just shocking and shameful. It’s an anti-democracy campaign. Shows that you don’t trust the voters and that we should all condemn in a bipartisan way, which is more fundamental, “said Douglas.

Ultimately, Douglas said the Republican Party had some soul searching to do.

“In many ways there are two Republican parties, a Trump party and a McConnell party, and it has to be figured out which ones they will be. Will it be one that participates in democracy or will it be one that will just tear democracy down, “said Douglas.

Senator McConnell will no longer be the Senate majority leader and will no longer have the power to determine what reaches the Senate.

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