The Australian man has a broken arm and is trying to get into the strip club for free

A 20-year-old man from Australia had a broken arm trying to climb a wall in hopes of seeing free adult entertainment. He climbed a wall, but his efforts were unsuccessful. Worse still, he had a broken arm.

The crowds reportedly watched the nameless man climb down a drain pipe in a desperate attempt to sneak into the palace. He fell 3 meters for his troubles and paid the price with a broken arm. The whole thing was recorded on video via 7News. One viewer said the 20-year-old Australian was lucky not to have died. Another person added that the man incorrectly bent his forearm after the fall.

Fortunately, after the brazen act, the man received medical care. The injuries he sustained were considered minor, although the embarrassment may be more hurtful. Witnesses claim that the man was also lucky that he did not fall a few more inches due to the presence of a metal bar that would have rewarded him with more severe injuries. He was immediately taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

In the context of the incident, it appears that the people of the US may not have to resort to what the South Australian man did. Three Nashville strip clubs announced that they will be granting vaccinated Tennessee residents lifetime memberships and hosting big parties the city has ever seen. The three clubs mentioned were the world famous Deja Vu Showgirls, Larry Flynt’s HUSTLER Club and Kings of HUSTLER Male Revue.

The initiative was carried out to promote and encourage people to get vaccinated as the pandemic continued to plague the world with numerous sick and other dying of COVID-19.

Those who are officially vaccinated receive a lifetime VIP membership worth more than $ 3,500. This would give them access to all three clubs.

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